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British International Disability Championships 2010

April Home for the Easter holidays đŸ™‚  hurray! For a short rest, Rest, ha! What rest? A nice 185 mile drive, home for two days, then catch several trains to Sheffield for the British Championships in the first week, second week I had an operation to remove my wisdom teeth, lovely a mouth full of stitches and for last week competing at the International Disability Swimming Championships and amongst all that I had to try and fit in some revision for my up and coming exams. 

Oh well. People do say, no rest for the wicked đŸ˜ˆ

Holidays over :mrgreen: Time to pack up and get ready for School in Somerset and Internationals in Sheffield. Great what next? My parent’s vehicle only went and broke down so we had to hire a car. It was a tight squeeze, I mean a very tight squeeze fitting in all my school stuff, printers, bedding, swimming and sports kits etc. But we just about managed it. Then of we went for the 200 mile journey to Sheffield for the British International Disability Championships over twenty different Countries’ were there competing, it was very exciting. Until! I hurt my foot climbing out of the swim down pool. Ouch click! Crunch! Yes you guessed it I broke one of my toes it was agony. I tried my best but the pain and swelling was getting a bit too much so unfortunately I had to pull out of all the finals on the last day. I needed to get my foot strapped up and drive the 220 miles back to School. All in all it was not the most exciting Easter Holiday I have had. but I am well, alive and happy. Plus I did get to see my family and friends.

Here are my results đŸ™‚

British International Disability Championships / World Trials  Sheffield 16th 17th & 18th April 2010

MD (Multi Disability) events up against all disabilities

18th MD Heat 400m Freestyle S9 5th

Pulled out to concentrate on Breast final. Final 400m Freestyle

14th MD Heat 100m Breaststroke SB8 3rd


3rd MD B Final 100m Breaststroke SB8 3rd

21st MD Heat 50m Freestyle S9 8th

9th MD Heat 100m Butterfly S9 6th

8th MD Final 100m Butterfly S9 6th


20th MD Heat 100m Freestyle S9 8th

Pulled out needed to travel back to Millfield Final 100m Freestyle

15th MD Heat 100m Backstroke S9 5th

Pulled out needed to travel back to Millfield Final 100m Backstroke

20th MD Heat 200m Individual Medley SM9 7th

Pulled out needed to travel back to Millfield Final 200m Individual Medley


British Gas Championships 2010 – Sheffield

March / April 2010   British Gas Swimming Championships 2010, venue Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield. It was a long course event. Qualifying times were really hard. Which meant only the best qualified, like:-

I qualified for 7 events  They were MD (multi disability) events which meant I was up against swimmers of all ages, and all disabilities.  Here are my results đŸ™‚      

British Gas Championships 2010 (Long Course) – 29th March to 3rd April        

MD (Multi Disability) events up against all disabilities

 10th MD  Heats 400m Freestyle  S9 2nd        

10th MD  Finals 400m Freestyle  S9 2nd        

13th MD  Heats 50m Freestyle  S9 7th        

14th MD  Heats 100m Breaststroke  SB8 4th        

18th MD  Heats 100m Backstroke  S9 6th        

14th MD  Heats 100m Freestyle  S9 6th        

 14th MD  Heats 200m Individual Medley  S9 5th        

4th MD  Heats 100m butterfly  S9 2nd        

  4th MD  Finals 100m butterfly  S9 2nd