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British Gas ASA National Championships Sunderland 2010

August 2010   British Gas ASA National Championships 2010 / Commonwealth Trials venue Aquatic Centre, Sunderland. It was the first time I had ever competed in Sunderland, the pool and the facilities where superb. It was an able-bodied long course event with some multi disability events mixed in. I qualified for all 7 events availble in my disability classification they were all MD (multi disability) events, which meant I was up against swimmers of all ages, and all disabilities, which is not good, because it normally means the lower classifications win.

Here are my results 🙄

18th to  21stAugust 2010  British Gas ASA National Championships 2010 (Long Course)     

MD (Multi Disability) events up against all disabilities

14th MD  Heat 50m Freestyle  S9 6th    

9th MD  Heat 200m Individual Medley  S9 3rd  

9th MD  Final 200m Individual Medley  S9 3rd  

16th MD  Heats 100m Freestyle  S9 5th  

Heat 100m Breaststroke  DQ T- L1 Did not show intent to touch with two hands    

3rd  MD  Heat 100m Butterfly  S9 1st     

3rd  MD  Finals 100m Butterfly  S9 1st   

8th MD  Heats 400m Freestyle  S9 2nd 

7th MD  Final 400m Freestyle  S9 1st  

9th MD  Heat 100m Backstroke  S9 1st       

9th MD  Final 100m Backstroke  S9 1st