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DSE Last ever Junior Nationals 26 & 27 Feb 2011

February 2011  I qualified and entered 7 Individual & 2 Team Relay events for my last ever cry DSE’s (Disability Sport Events) National Short Course Junior (18 & under) Championships at Ponds Forge international sports centre in Sheffield. 

Results rolleyes 

DSE 18u National Junior Short Course Swimming Championships – Sheffield

100m Freestyle  S9   2nd

200m Individual Medley  S9   2nd

400m Team Medley Relay  2nd (Jo-Jo Freestyle)

100m Breaststroke  SB8   2nd 

400m Freestyle Team Relay  4th


The weekend started out well and I was looking forward to the competition.

My daddy, met me at Sheffield to stay and support me whilst my brother and mummy stayed at home with my best friend Bruce (my dog). Unfortunately Bruce who is 15½ was not very well he has been on medication for his heart for a few years now. As the weekend progressed Bruce’s health deteriorated so much so that my dad had to leave for home in the middle of the night. We prepared ourselves for the worst. I pulled out of most of my events because I was so upset. I just could not stop crying. I was going to lose my best ever friend. Did I want to go home with my dad or did I want to stay away? I didn’t want to see Bruce in such a bad way. I love Bruce so so much. We all prepared ourselves for the worst.

First thing Sunday morning my mummy, daddy and brother took Bruce to the vets.

The vet came out of his room and asked why are you all crying? Bruce could not stand up un aided he keeps falling down, walking into things, his eyes are shaking all the time and his head is all twisted over. The vet replied, Bruce has got a problem with his middle ear, which is affecting his balance, and that he would be fine in a week or two.

Phew! What a relief.

As you can probably tell I did not swim that good and I only ended up entering 4 events plus 1 relay. But on the other hand Bruce is still with us Hooray and you will be pleased to know he is on the mend.

I love Bruce!

Westborough School Jo-Jo the PE Assistant

I like to spend my half term holidays helping others.   This half term I was a PE assistant for Mr Funa at The Westborough School in my hometown of Westcliff-on-Sea.

The photo above is of myself and Sir Mike Jackson MBE from The Presidents Sporting Club with one of Westborough’s PE teachers Mr Funa and some year 2 children.

Sir Mike Jackson MBE had just presented me with a donation towards my Paralympic dream.

If you think you could help

towards my paralympic 2012 or 2016 dream

you can by leaving a donation here

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Or  Telephone – 07719 624905