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Loughborough University/College

Jo-Jo PASSED her A Level’s in Philosophy, Physical Education & Psychology and has now gained enough UCAS points for her to accept her very much sought after place to study for a

Degree in Sports Coaching at Loughborough University/College.

Jo-Jo has also been offered a prestigious place as part of the Elite Loughborough University Swimming Team where she will be training with the likes of Liam Tancock and Joanne Jackson.


If you would like to help

towards Jo-Jo’s paralympic 2012 or 2016 dream

you can by leaving a donation here

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Or  Telephone – 07719 624905

A Level exam results

18thAugust Official A Level exam results day!
       PHIL1 – An Introduction to Philosophy 1
       PHIL2 – An Introduction to Philosophy 2
       PHIL3 – Key Themes in Philosophy
       PHIL4 – Philosophical Problems
       PHED1 – Leading a Healthy & Active Lifestyle 
       PHED2 – Analysis & Eval of Physical Activity
       PHED3 – Optimising Performance
       PHED4 – Optimising Practical Performance 
       PSYB1 – Introducing Psychology
       PSYB2 – Social, Cognitive & Individual Diffs
       PSYB3 – Child Development & Applied Options
       PSYB4 – Approaches, Debates and Methods