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Olympic Park – VIP Guest – Sainsbury’s School Games 2012

As a former Beckwith Scholar and a past UK School Games Champion, I was invited as a VIP guest to the Olympic Park to present medals to this years Sainsburys 2012 School Games Champions.

I really enjoyed myself it was lovely spending time with Geri Halliwell, Sir John and Henry Beckwith and meeting Bluebell, Geri’s daughter. As part of my VIP duties I was asked if I could present medals and visit as much of the Olympic Park as possible, which I did.

The Athletic Stadium is superb and presenting medals to the champions was great, The Aquatic Centre, which I had already seen a few weeks ago when I competed at the ASA Swimming Championships/ London 2012 Trials, is amazing.

Whilst at the Athletic Stadium I was introduced to a partially sighted young girl called Ketty, from Uganda, she said in her country babies with disabilities (like me & her) are taken to the forest and left there to die. Ketty was brought to England as part of The British Councils International Inspiration Programme.

She was overwhelmed to meet me, she cried with joy and said I was the first disabled person she had met that inspired her to live. She said it was amazing to meet a National Swimmer/Sports Person that started from nothing like herself, who comes to places like the Sainsburys games to speak to people like her. I am so glad I could help and inspire her, and as one athlete to another I wish her every success in the future.


There were performances by Spellbound and Cover Drive at the closing ceremony which was held in the Basketball Arena, this area was equally awesome.


All the venues I visited seemed to be ready for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Lets just hope the sun will come out to play at the games as well lol 

Swimming is my life, in or out of the water, I just love it, and if I can inspire and motivate others on the way it makes it even more enjoyable. And I certainly love being a VIP (now, now, don’t laugh), my next public appearance is on the 4th June, I have been asked if I could officially open The Hockley & Hawkwell Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.

Hints & Tips – Nutrition – Skin Care

Nutrition Preparation for Competition 

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Taking care of your skin

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Prolonged swimming in chlorinated water has a drying effect on the skin and this can make it itchy. Some people seem more susceptible than others, particularly if a person suffers from eczema. A few people are generally allergic to chlorine and even ozone pools have small amounts of it. So here are a few suggestions for skin care.

Seven tips on skin care for swimmers

  • Dehydration makes skin more likely to be damaged by chlorine. It breaks down the skin’s natural defences, so ensure you drink plenty of water during a training session and ensure your urine is never darker than light yellow.
  • After completing a training session spend several minutes in the showers to ensure your skin has been thoroughly washed with fresh water and no chlorine is bound to your skin’s surface.
  • Wash costumes thoroughly as soon as possible after the swim. Not only will they last longer but skin rashes are often worse under the costume.
  • Pay particular care to those areas of your skin where there is chaffing or rubbing. These places are particularly susceptible so protect them with Vaseline.
  • In some pools the chlorine concentration seems particularly high and it may be worth seeing which local pools suits you best.
  • It is worth using an emollient that will hydrate the skin, keep it soft and in good condition. The cheapest is Aqueous Cream but more effective is E45 cream. There are others, such as Dermol, which can be applied as a lotion. Your pharmacist can supply these. In all cases, apply the creams liberally as soon as possible after the swim, repeated as often as necessary and rubbed in thoroughly. Lanolin-based creams are probably best avoided, as a few people are allergic to these.
  • If you have some very dry eczematous patches, 0.5% hydrocortisone can be bought from your local chemist. Applied twice daily, this will soon clear up the patch with no risk of skip atrophy. Any worse than this and you will need to see your own GP.


Disclaimer – All the information above is information that was found freely on the internet.

 Therefore hold NO responsibility for its accuracy.