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British Triathlon search for future Paralympic Talent

Jo-Jo attended a weekend for a new and exciting paralympic sport on the 2nd & 3rd of February 2013. British Triathlon based at Loughborough University hosted the biggest talent search in the sports history.

Picture of Jo-Jo being tested on a Wattbike

The following information was taken from the British Triathlon website

British Paratriathlon Performance Programme.

The weekend consisted of performance testing in all three disciplines, there was an opportunity for all athletes to receive a national classification, information on 2013 competitions, plus information to ensure all athletes understand the performance pathway and what role they would have to play to succeed and develop over the coming years.

Triathlon will make its first appearance in the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio, and as the world’s leading paratriathlon nation since 2010, British Triathlon has very high hopes for the performances in just over three and a half years time. The British team currently boasts five world champions double that of any other competing nation, therefore the benchmark for joining this group are set high, however over the past three seasons many athletes have medaled on an international stage less than one year after attending a similar talent initiative.

Who are we looking for? Initially we invite all athletes to this talent weekend, and we aim to ensure all people understand the support available as they progress in the sport, however the team will be aiming to identify those who possess a level of ability and commitment within triathlon to be competitive on a world stage within the next two seasons, therefore athletes who show an all round high level of ability in all three sports, or those who are coming from a world class level in a single discipline sport with a good level of ability in the others will be identified and supported through our future pathway. The classification system within triathlon can be viewed here, and outcomes of classification will also play a part in any follow up, however please be aware that the classification system for triathlon will be changing towards the end of 2013, and more information will be available on this over the weekend. If you wish to view current world class times please see here.