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Jo-Jo modelling her alternative limb which was created by Sophie de Oliveira Barata  for the New York Times Magazine which will be published on 3rd November 2013 in New York. A sneak preview is available online now

Nadav Kander

Spare Parts London 2012 Art Exhibition

And now for something completely different  redface 

I was asked if I would like to model (me a model) and take part in an alternative limb project by Sophie de Oliveira barata for Spare Parts London 2012 art exhibition.

Sophie is a lovely talented person who creates unique prosthetics, the most amazing limbs you have ever seen. Sophie can create realistic and fantasy limbs for everybody’s desires.

I jumped at the chance of being a model and having a bespoke alternative limb designed especially for me. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Who in their right mind would turn down such an offer? (not me!)

After a few meetings with Sophie we decided that an alternative limb incorporating fish would be a good idea what with me being a swimmer. I suppose it’s a little bit like Batman.batman-emoticon Batman chose bats as his symbol because he dislikes them so much and to help him overcome his fear of bats. Can you see where I am going with fish, I really don’t like them. Perhaps I can be like Batman and overcome my fear of fish. I don’t think so, do you? They send shivers down my spine just thinking about them. That’s why we settled on Snakes another great passion of mine (not).

The bespoke Snake arm is out of this world, it is quite simply amazing. It looks so realistic, apart from the bit where the snakes are slithering through a cavity in my forearm, its so creepy but cool at the same time. I love it. ♥  Dare I say it a little bit erotic?

I am hoping that perhaps one day in the very near future that Sophie will make me a Fish arm or as many alternative limbs that she would like.

A few pieces of Sophie’s alternative limbs are now on display at Spare Parts London 2012 exhibition at

The Rag Factory situated just of off Brick Lane in London E1 from the 25th August to the 9th September 2012

Alternatively view Sophies work and contact details on her website

Scottish Widows 2009 Calendar

Scottish Widows life insurance, pensions & Investments Company Calendar 2009
Jo-Jo was the month of June
Elizabeth Hoff the photographer took the photos in and around the Serpentine, Hyde Park London 
 The weather was bitterly cold and the water was icy