British Triathlon search for future Paralympic Talent

Jo-Jo attended a weekend for a new and exciting paralympic sport on the 2nd & 3rd of February 2013. British Triathlon based at Loughborough University hosted the biggest talent search in the sports history.

Picture of Jo-Jo being tested on a Wattbike

The following information was taken from the British Triathlon website

British Paratriathlon Performance Programme.

The weekend consisted of performance testing in all three disciplines, there was an opportunity for all athletes to receive a national classification, information on 2013 competitions, plus information to ensure all athletes understand the performance pathway and what role they would have to play to succeed and develop over the coming years.

Triathlon will make its first appearance in the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio, and as the world’s leading paratriathlon nation since 2010, British Triathlon has very high hopes for the performances in just over three and a half years time. The British team currently boasts five world champions double that of any other competing nation, therefore the benchmark for joining this group are set high, however over the past three seasons many athletes have medaled on an international stage less than one year after attending a similar talent initiative.

Who are we looking for? Initially we invite all athletes to this talent weekend, and we aim to ensure all people understand the support available as they progress in the sport, however the team will be aiming to identify those who possess a level of ability and commitment within triathlon to be competitive on a world stage within the next two seasons, therefore athletes who show an all round high level of ability in all three sports, or those who are coming from a world class level in a single discipline sport with a good level of ability in the others will be identified and supported through our future pathway. The classification system within triathlon can be viewed here, and outcomes of classification will also play a part in any follow up, however please be aware that the classification system for triathlon will be changing towards the end of 2013, and more information will be available on this over the weekend. If you wish to view current world class times please see here.

Ref: UK 3rd in UK ♥ January 2013

“I can confirm that Jo-Jo Cranfield is competing at National Level within Great Britain and is currently Ranked 3rd for the SB8 Women’s 100m Breaststroke”



John D Atkinson
National Performance Director
British Disability Swimming

Christmas 2012

I spent the first couple weeks of my 2012 Christmas Holidays helping Father Christmas AKA my brother James Cranfield and my little Dog Chuckle Bear Reggie at The Westborough Academy Grotto

To All

Tennis Teacher Training 10 Dec 2012

Yahoo!   I passed

an AEGON Tennis Teacher Training Course at Loughborough Uni/College on the 10th December 2012

I can now teach Senior/Secondary Students how to play Tennis

Sitting Volleyball Team The Average Jo-Jo’s

As part of my Sports Coaching Degree at Loughborough all the students in the class had to pick a team sport to compete with other colleges and universities. Well collectively we decided on sitting volleyball and my peers choose me as the team coach, they also named the team “Average Jo-Jo’s” Well! We were not Average we only went and won not only all the matches, we won the overall competition “Average Jo-Jo’s” turned out to be a top notch Squad.

Equity in your Coaching 19 Nov 2012

Yippee!    I’ve Passed

Sports Coach UK Equity in your Coaching at Loughborough Uni/College 19th November 2012

An Introduction to FUNdamentals of Movement 5 Nov 2012

Whooooo! Hoooooo!   I’ve Passed!

Sports Coach UK An Introduction to FUNdamentals of Movement at Loughborough Uni/College 5th November

Southend-on-Sea’s Sports Awards 2012

Double Success for Jo-Jo at the Southend-on-Seas Sports Awards 2012. The ceremony took place at Garons Leisure and Tennis Centre, in Southend, Essex on Thursday 25th October 2012


Jo-Jo was named Southend-on-Sea’s


Paralympic Hopeful & Sports Personality of the Year 2012


Jo-Jo comes from Westcliff-on-Sea in Essex and does most of her swimming training with Loughborough Uni Elite Swimming Squad whilst at University and Rochford & District Swimming Club when she is home. Without her swimming coach Doug Drake from Rochford & District and all the Coaches at Loughborough Jo-Jo could not have achieved what she has done so far. So a BIG thank you goes to all her Coaches (Keep up the good work)



Award Certificate’s  redface 

Testimonial: Trinity Road Primary School

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 I was delighted that Jo-Jo was able to be a mystery guest at our first ever Aspiration day here at Trinity Road Primary. Jo-Jo was fun, inspiring, confident and nurturing when talking to my pupils. She made us laugh and think about our goals for the future.  It was lovely to have such an ambitious and determined young lady at our school as a positive (and incredibly trendy) role model! Thank you, we are all routing for you for Rio 2016, we will remember your motto * Never give up!”  
Marie Staley
Head Teacher
Trinity Road Primary School  

Aspirations day at Trinity Road Primary School 17th October 2012

Head Teacher’s Message

On Wednesday we held our first ever Aspirations Day –

It was amazing! We had over 15 visiting experts including actresses, police officers, midwives, explorers, author’s, astronomers, engineers and remote control vehicle builders. Our children met many of these willing volunteers who gave up their time to spend a day inspiring our children. We also had a mystery guest: – Jo-Jo Cranfield is a paralympic hopeful for Rio 2016. She is the current British record holder for s9 1500m freestyle Jo-Jo spoke openly with the children about the challenges she has faced but left us with her motto – “Never give up”

Marie Staley
Head Teacher
Trinity Road Primary School  

Safeguarding & Protecting Children 15 Oct 2012

Yay!   I’ve Passed

Sports Coach UK Safeguarding & Protecting Children at Loughborough Uni/College 15th October 2012

SwimFest 3.8k – Lakeside 16 September 2012

Words cannot express how pleased I am with myself. I did it Woop! Woop! I finished the summer with my very first Open Water event

 SwimFest at Lakeside Diving & Watersports centre run by SwimForTri

I entered the 3.8k (5 laps of the lake) that’s equal to an Iron Man distance (swimming part anyway) I must be mad.

 The water was surprisingly refreshing; you have got to be joking! It was freezing, dark and mucky full of my favourite creatures FISH, arms and legs coming at me from all directions (other competitors, silly, not just random limbs floating about), swans flying above my head, so exhilarating, not at all like an indoor swimming pool the worst thing you could possibly find there is a used plaster lurking at the bottom of the pool, what a paradox.

 My overall time was not that disappointing considering all of the above. I came 3rd in my age group not bad really, in fact quite impressive if I do say myself, first and second place went to able bodied GB open water swimmers.

I am now looking forward to next seasons open water might even be up for 10k……… so watch this space!

Westborough Year 6 Assembly 10 Sep 2012

Over the last few years Jo-Jo has visited The Westborough School many times, she has formed a very strong bond with the children. The children at Westborough look up to her and admire her sporting success.
The Head Teacher thought that Jo-Jo would be the ideal person/athlete to give a talk to the year 6 children on resilience, to help encourage them not to give up, especially when things don’t go the way they want them to.
They invited Jo-Jo for that very reason, she is a true inspiration, she didn’t make it to London 2012 but she certainly has not given up her dream of being on the Paralympic Podium. So watch out RIO 2016 Jo-Jo’s on her way!

Spare Parts London 2012 Art Exhibition

And now for something completely different  redface 

I was asked if I would like to model (me a model) and take part in an alternative limb project by Sophie de Oliveira barata for Spare Parts London 2012 art exhibition.

Sophie is a lovely talented person who creates unique prosthetics, the most amazing limbs you have ever seen. Sophie can create realistic and fantasy limbs for everybody’s desires.

I jumped at the chance of being a model and having a bespoke alternative limb designed especially for me. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Who in their right mind would turn down such an offer? (not me!)

After a few meetings with Sophie we decided that an alternative limb incorporating fish would be a good idea what with me being a swimmer. I suppose it’s a little bit like Batman.batman-emoticon Batman chose bats as his symbol because he dislikes them so much and to help him overcome his fear of bats. Can you see where I am going with fish, I really don’t like them. Perhaps I can be like Batman and overcome my fear of fish. I don’t think so, do you? They send shivers down my spine just thinking about them. That’s why we settled on Snakes another great passion of mine (not).

The bespoke Snake arm is out of this world, it is quite simply amazing. It looks so realistic, apart from the bit where the snakes are slithering through a cavity in my forearm, its so creepy but cool at the same time. I love it. ♥  Dare I say it a little bit erotic?

I am hoping that perhaps one day in the very near future that Sophie will make me a Fish arm or as many alternative limbs that she would like.

A few pieces of Sophie’s alternative limbs are now on display at Spare Parts London 2012 exhibition at

The Rag Factory situated just of off Brick Lane in London E1 from the 25th August to the 9th September 2012

Alternatively view Sophies work and contact details on her website

First Ever Open Water Swim 28 July 2012

You are never going to believe this! I went to Stubbers Adventure Centre in Upminster, Essex to give Open Water Swimming a try. I was so nervous, the thought of swimming with FISH gave me goose bumps!

But I was determined to give it a bash even though I knew there were going to be FISH in the lake, Keeley Bullock one of the coaches from SwimForTri leant me a wetsuit.

I put the wetsuit on and proceeded to the waters edge, I was now getting closer to those FISH. I did not want to look frightened in front of the other experienced Tri-athletes, So I gritted my teeth and started walking closer and closer to those FISH it felt like I was in Jaws the movie. I slowly edged my way into the water first my feet then my body and before I knew it, I started swimming, I could not stop thinking about those FISH.

 But once I got in, it was surprisingly enjoyable; not that bad if you don’t think about what is in the water. I am so proud of myself right now. By the way, did I mention there were FISH in the water? I am such a brave girl. I feel all grown up. sitting here grinning like a Cheshire cat. lol 

British Gas ASA National Youth Championships (50m) 17 to 21 July 2012

  Here are my Results 

18th MD  Heat 50m Freestyle  S9 7th   

 21st MD  Heats 100m Backstroke  S9 5th  

15th MD  Heats 200m Individual Medley  S9 8th  

14th MD  Heat 100m Breaststroke SB8 3rd 

MD (Multi Disability) events up against all disabilities 

This was predominantly an able-bodied event with some multi disability events mixed in. I qualified for 5 events but choose to enter just 4 in my disability classification, which is S9 SB8 SM9. The competition was over 5 days at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield. 

Passed – ASA Level 2 Certificate for Teaching Aquatics (QCF)

Yippee !

On the 8th July 2012  I passed the

ASA Level 2 Certificate for Teaching Aquatics (QCF)

I am now qualified and able to plan, deliver and evaluate a set of consecutive lessons utilising the National Plan for Teaching Swimming.
The course had 8 units, all of which had to be successfully completed to gain this qualification

Unit 201: Understanding the FUNdamentals of coaching/teaching sport

Unit 202: Understanding how to develop participants through coaching/teaching sport

Unit 203: Understanding the FUNdamentals of child development in coaching/teaching sport

Unit 204: Understanding the principles of evaluating coaching/teaching practice

Unit 205 TA: Plan a series of aquatic teaching sessions

Unit 206 TA: Prepare the aquatic teaching environment

Unit 207 TA: Deliver a series of aquatic teaching sessions

Unit 208 TA: Monitor and Evaluate aquatic teaching sessions

The Westborough School Olympic Torch

The Westborough School in Westcliff-on-Sea celebrated the Olympic Torch (Schools) hand over with a little help from Jo-Jo

Darlinghurst Primary and Nursery School

Jo-Jo was invited to Darlinghurst Primary & Nursery School in Westcliff-on-Sea in Essex during there Sports week to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics.

Jo-Jo gave several inspirational talks and answered many of the children’s questions throughout the day she even joined in with their Sporting activities and signed many autographs.