Stubbers First Open Water Dip

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Woohoo! Anyone would think I was serious about this triathlon malarkey. I must be! I took my first open water dip of the 2013 triathlon season.

One of the training venues for SwimForTri (my home triathlon club) is at Stubbers Adventure Centre  in Upminster.

Whilst I was getting ready to brave the bitter cold water and preparing myself for the ultimate plunge,  I overheard one of the other athletes talking and saying that Stubbers will be opening up the lake as a competition fishing lake Yep! That‚Äôs right you did read that correctly FISH! Competition Lake. Apparently the FISH/Carp in the lake are so big now that the anglers could potentially catch a record breaking Carp. Deep joy my favourite FISH! In the lake I train in ūüôĀ

Anyway my adrenalin was pumping so fast and I was so excited I went for it.

It felt great. Water temperature was approx 10.4 degrees!

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